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Creating a personalized website for a real estate broker

Facing challenges in getting clients from online platforms due to fierce competition and limited reach. However, by partnering with Mont-Vu Marketing Digital and creating a professional website, he was able to expand his client base and achieve his goals.

The Mont-Vu Advantage

With the help of effective digital marketing strategies, Manuel’s website gained visibility and attracted potential clients, leading to increased business opportunities and growth.

Manuel Vallecios Realtor

Real Estate Broker

Manuel Vallecios is an esteemed real estate broker in the greater Montreal region with 18 years of experience. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, he has successfully handled various residential and commercial properties all over the province.
A commitment to excellence and providing exceptional service has earned him a loyal client base who continue to rely on him for their real estate needs. With his guidance and diligence, many have found their dream properties. Manuel’s passion for real estate is evident in every transaction he handles, making him a top choice for all your real estate needs.

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Visibility in a Large Market


For Manuel Vallecios, getting new clients in the competitive real estate market was a major challenge. With limited visibility and reach online, it was difficult for him to attract potential clients and expand his business. This posed a significant obstacle for his growth and success as a real estate broker.


A Professional Website and Effective Marketing Strategies

We’ve created a user-friendly website that is mobile-responsive and translatable.

The website serves as a platform where we’ve established keywords throughout the site in order to rank on certain local searches. The site also allows for a certain control over how the client is perceived on the internet. Meaning that by having the client work on his image, branding, and profile, he gets to express what he wants his client to see in him. Instead of having social media accounts rank in top searches, the browser is drawn to a personalized page, a sort of resume.

So, creating a website not only helped Manuel overcome the challenges of online marketing but also provided him with a platform to showcase his expertise and attract potential clients.

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Establish a Strong Online Presence

This allowed him to reach a wider audience and attract new clients, leading to increased business opportunities and growth. Overall, the challenge of getting new clients was successfully addressed by the creation of his professional website.

Now he is able to be found on Google easily with the help of a few key words in English, French, and Spanish.

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Finished Work

Click on the following link to visit the client’s website:

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Desktop view
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